APC/NSP Benevolent Fund

The Archdiocesan Presbyters Council and National Sisterhood of Presvyteres Joint Benevolent Fund was established to provide short-term support for clergy families in a time of crisis. Aid is available to celibate and married clergy. Understanding that confidentiality is of utmost concern, if you know of someone who could benefit from this fund, or if you need help yourself, please contact Fr. John Touloumes, APC President; Presvytera Pauline Pavlakos, NSP President; Fr. Lou Noplos, APC Vice President; or Presvytera Nicole Keares, NSP Vice President. Click here to view the bylaws of the Benevolent Fund.

Donations may be made through PayPal (click on the "Donate" button below or to the right).

or  mailed to:

Presv. Nicole Keares, Coordinator
APC/NSP Benevolent Fund
17811 Monterey Pine Drive
Strongsville, OH 44136

Below is a list of 2016 stewards as of December 19, 2016:

  1. Abell, Rev. Jeffrey and Alice
  2. Adams, Rev. James and Evelyn
  3. Alikakos, Rev. Tilemahos and Georgia
  4. Anonymous
  5. Augusta, Rev. Dan and Janet
  6. Bacalis, Rev. Nicholas and Vivian
  7. Bakas, Rev. John and Maria
  8. Ballas, Rev. Stavros and Thea
  9. Bandy, Presv. Anastasia
  10. Bartz, Rev. Bill and Emily
  11. Bender, Rev. Christopher and Filitsa
  12. Bobotas, Rev. Spiro and Mary Lisa
  13. Bogdan, Rev. James and Joan
  14. Botsis, Rev. Constantine and Georgia
  15. Bourantas, Rev. Anastasios and Colette
  16. Bratiotis, Rev. George and Gloria
  17. Burdette, Rev. Chris and Amy
  18. Calivas, Rev. Alkiviadis and Erasmia
  19. Callos, Rev. George and Kassiani
  20. Cassis, Dn. George and Vicki
  21. Cassis, Rev. William and Anastasia
  22. Christulides, Dn.Euripides and Mary
  23. Christy, Rev. Paul and Mary
  24. Cokotis, Rev. Thomas and Maria
  25. Coman, Rev. Jon and Carrie
  26. Constantine, Deacon Eleftherios and Elizabeth
  27. Constantine, Rev. Thomas and Vasiliki
  28. Constantinides, Rev. Christopher and Angie
  29. Costopoulos, Rev. Paul and Penny
  30. Cotsonis, Very Rev. Archimandrite Joachim
  31. Courey, Rev. Michael and Maria
  32. Dalber, Rev. Steve and Maria
  33. Demetri, Rev. Anthony and Eleni
  34. Demotses, Rev. Andrew and Mary
  35. Diamant, Presv. Alexandra
  36. Dickey, Rev. Jason and Tiffany
  37. Dimas, Rev. Dean and Coola
  38. DiStefano, Rev. Joseph and Melanie
  39. Dorrance, Rev. Theodore and Aspasia
  40. Doukas, Rev. James and Goldie
  41. Dumont, Rev. Photios
  42. Dursa, Rev. George and Linda
  43. Economou, Presv. Doris
  44. Economou, Rev. George and Elaine
  45. Efstathiu, Rev. Constantine and Kantiana
  46. Ehmer, Rev. Theodore and Stacey
  47. Emroll, Rev. Mark and Ginny
  48. Eugenis, Rev. Andrew and Angela
  49. Evangelatos, Rev. Anthony and Themmi
  50. Eynon, Rev. David and Diana
  51. Fitzgerald, Rev. Thomas and Kyriaki
  52. Flegas, Rev. Vasileios and Styliani
  53. Foustoukos, Rev. Christopher and Claire
  54. Gikas, Rev. Peter and Paraskevi
  55. Gill, Rev. Conan and Stephanie
  56. Gordon, Rev. James and Nasia
  57. Guerry, Rev. Thomas and Kathleen
  58. Haby, Rev. John and Kandice
  59. Hohnholt, Rev. Gregory and Sofia
  60. Houck, Rev. Jason and Alexandra
  61. Hountalas, Rev. Dean and Olga
  62. Joiner, Rev. Charles and Katherine
  63. Jonas, Rev. Nicholas and Anastasia
  64. Kalina, Rev. Paul and Alexandria
  65. Kaloudis, Rev. George and Stamatia
  66. Kangelaris, Rev. Demetri and Olga
  67. Karahalios, Presv. Calypso
  68. Karloutsos, Rev. Nikolas and Meghan
  69. Karloutsos, Rev. Peter and Maria
  70. Kartsonis, Dn. Athanasios and Christina
  71. Katsoulis, Presv. Anthoula
  72. Kehayes, Presv. Christine
  73. Kopsahilis, Rev. Petros and Christine
  74. Kostakis, Rev. Peter and Athanasia
  75. Kostopolos, Presv. Louella
  76. Koucos, Rev. Elias and Ellen
  77. Kouldukis, Rev. Dean and Valerie
  78. Koulianos, Rev. Dionisis and Maria
  79. Kouremetis, Rev. Michael and Cynthia
  80. Kyriacou, Rev. Gary and Christina
  81. Lazarakis, Rev. Constantine and Anastasia
  82. Leventis, Rev. Peter and Despina
  83. Loulakis, Rev. Sarantis and Norma Jean
  84. Magoulias, Rev. Jon and Georgia
  85. Magoulias, Presv. Marilyn
  86. Mamangakis, Rev. Steven and Stella
  87. Manousakis, Rev. Nick and Kostoula
  88. Manuel, Rev. John and Karen
  89. Martin, Rev. Paul and Nikki
  90. Melackrinos, Rev. Luke and Marusia
  91. Mendrinos, Rev. Konstantinos and Roxanne
  92. Metaxis, Presv. Penelope
  93. Milanese, Rev. Frank and Cynthia
  94. Missiras, Presv. Irene
  95. Monios, Presv. Mary
  96. Monos, Rev. Michael and Jeannie
  97. Moulketis, Rev. James and Evangeline
  98. Muse, Rev. James and Claudia
  99. Mylonas, Presv. Maria
  100. Newlin, Rev. Thomas and Jenny
  101. Nicoloudakis, Rev. Demetrius and Despina
  102. Nicozisin, Presv. Sylvia
  103. Noplos, Rev. Lou and Alice
  104. Orfanakos, Presv. Margaret
  105. Pakes, Rev. Mark and Thea
  106. Paleologos, Rev. Dean and Cindy
  107. Paleologos, Presv. Theodora
  108. Palis, Rev. Nicholas and Irene
  109. Pantelis, Dn. John and Amalia
  110. Pantelis, Rev. Paul and Katina
  111. Pappadopoulos, Dn. Panteleimon and Georgia
  112. Pappalas, Rev, Thomas and Anne
  113. Pappas, Rev. Angelo and Mary
  114. Pappas, Rev. Harry and Kerry
  115. Pappas, Rev. James and Donna
  116. Papulis, Rev. Douglas and Christina
  117. Paraschou, Presv. Miriam
  118. Paris, Rev. Thomas and Vaso
  119. Pastrikos, Rev. Michael and Dimitra
  120. Patitsas, Rev. Philemon and Maria
  121. Pavlakos, Rev. Konstantinos and Pauline
  122. Petropoulakos, Rev. Nicholas and Patricia
  123. Petrutiu, Rev. Teodor and Roxana
  124. Philippas, Presv. Sophia
  125. Politis, Rev. George and Zoy
  126. Poteres, Rev. Theodore and Tulla
  127. Potter, Dn. Stephen and Sherry
  128. Pourakis, Rev. Anastasios and Georgia
  129. Pourlos, Presv. Alexandra
  130. Protopapas, Rev. John and Catherine
  131. Radulescu, Deacon Alex and Sylvana
  132. Rizos, Rev. Peter and Alexandra
  133. Rogakos, Rev. Constantinos and Eleni
  134. Roll, Rev. Jason and Alexandra
  135. Romas, Rev. John and Lorraine
  136. Salzman, Rev. Anthony and Christine
  137. Samaan, Rev. Joseph and Linda
  138. Schefe, Rev. Leo and Candace
  139. Scordalakis, Rev. Andrew and Diane
  140. Simones, Rev. Charles and Joan
  141. Sitaras, Rev. Constantine and Georgia
  142. Smith, Rev. David and Donna
  143. Sophocles, Presv. Hrisafie
  144. Soteropoulos, Rev. Nicholas and Mary
  145. State, Rev. Marin and Florica
  146. Staviski, Rev. Peter and Charlotte
  147. Stavropoulos, Rev. Anargyros and Christine
  148. Stratis, Rev. Anthony and Elaine
  149. Streett, Rev. Matthew and Fotini
  150. Strouzas, Rev. Dennis and Paula
  151. Strzelecki, Rev. Joseph and Ranae
  152. Stylianopoulos, Rev. Theodore and Faye
  153. Tagaropoulos, Presv. Joana
  154. Tervo, Rev. Michael and Elizabeth
  155. Tonias, Rev. Demetrios and MaryAnn
  156. Touloumes, Rev. John and Becky
  157. Trifon, Rev. Ted and Toula
  158. Tsagalakis, Rev. Tom and Patricia
  159. Tsahakis, Rev. Paul and Lea
  160. Tsandikos, Rev. Solon and Joanna
  161. Tsigas, Rev. Konstantine and Spiridoula
  162. Turner, Rev. Parthenios and Marion
  163. Varvarelis, Rev. Michael and Mary
  164. Vergis, Presv. Sultana
  165. Vernikos, Rev. Ioannis and Euphrosyne
  166. Veronis, Rev. Alexander and Toula
  167. Veronis, Rev. Luke and Faith
  168. Volaitis, Presv. Sultana
  169. Vrame, Dn. Anton
  170. Wilson, Rev. George and Harriet
  171. Wingenback, Rev. Gregory
  172. Xanthakis, Rev. Constantine and Helen
  173. Zorzos, Rev. Steven and Pauline


  1. Annunciation Church, Mobile, AL
  2. Holy Trinity/Holy Cross, Birmingham AL
  3. Metropolis of San Francisco
  4. National Philoptochos

Donate to the National Sisterhood of Presvyteres using PayPal

Donate to the APC/NSP Benevolent Fund using PayPal