APC/NSP Benevolent Fund

The Archdiocesan Presbyters Council and National Sisterhood of Presvyteres Joint Benevolent Fund was established to provide short-term support for clergy families in a time of crisis. Aid is available to celibate and married clergy. Understanding that confidentiality is of utmost concern, if you know of someone who could benefit from this fund, or if you need help yourself, please contact Fr. Mark Leondis, APC President; Presv. Nicole Keares, NSP President; Fr. Paul Kaplanis, APC Vice President; or Presv. Mary Christy, NSP Vice President. Click here to view the bylaws of the Benevolent Fund.

Donations may be made through PayPal (click on the "Donate" button below or to the right).


or  mailed to:

Presv. Mary Christy, Coordinator
APC/NSP Benevolent Fund
1916 Stannard Trail
Raleigh, NC 27612

The following people have made a gift of love donation to the APC/NSP Benevolent Fund as of February 26, 2020.

  1. Akrotirianakis, Rev. Stavros and Lisa
  2. Anctil, Rev. Nicholas and Cynthia
  3. Arambiges, Rev. Ernest and Maria
  4. Artemas, Rev. Angelo and Patricia
  5. Bistolarides, Rev. Peter and Peggy
  6. Bobotis, Rev. Spiro and Lisa
  7. Bogdan, Presytera Joan 
  8. Botsis, Rev. Dean and Georgia
  9. Burdette, Deacon Chris And Amy
  10. Calivas, Rev. Alkiviadis and Erasmia
  11. Cantos, Rev. Earl and Carol
  12. Caparisos, Rev. John and Sophia
  13. Christy, Rev. Paul and Mary
  14. Cokotis, Rev. Tom and Maria
  15. Cole, Deacon David and Barbara
  16. Conjelko, Rev. Bill
  17. Constantine, Rev. Eleftherios and Elizabeth
  18. Coulouras, Rev. Ernest and Eleni
  19. Courey, Presvytera Maria
  20. Degaitis, Rev. Theofanis and Eleftheria
  21. Dickey, Rev. Jason and Tiffany
  22. Dimas, Rev. Dean and Coola
  23. Edwards, Rev. Gregory and Pelagia
  24. Eugenis, Rev. Andrew and Angela
  25. Eynon, Rev. David and Oana
  26. Garinis, Rev. Aristides and Lea
  27. Genovezos, Dn. George and Olympia
  28. Harakas, Rev. Stanley
  29. Howard, Deacon John and Lanette
  30. Keares, Rev. Costas and Nicole
  31. Kopsahilis, Rev. Petros and Christine
  32. Koukos, Rev. Elias and Eleni
  33. Koulianos, Deacon Dionysios and Maria
  34. Krommydas, Rev. Nick and Elaine
  35. Leondis, Rev. Alexander and Mary
  36. Leong, Rev. Alexander and Nicole
  37. Loulakis, Rev. Sarantis and Norma-Jean
  38. Moralis, Rev. Constantine
  39. Nacopoulos, Rev. Theofanis and Helen
  40. Nicozisin, Presvytera Sylvia
  41. Pantelis, Rev. John and Amalia
  42. Papulis, Rev. Douglas and Christina
  43. Patitsas, Rev. Philemon and Maria
  44. Pavlakos, Rev. Konstantinos and Pauline
  45. Pistolis, Rev. Tom and Frances
  46. Pourakis, Rev. Anastasios and Georgia
  47. Powley, Rev. Stephen and Tina
  48. Radulescu, Rev. Alexandru and Silvana
  49. Retelas, Rev. Christopher and Kali
  50. Retelas, Rev. James and Barbara
  51. Rogakos, Presvytera Eleni
  52. Salmas, Rev. Peter and Nikki
  53. Schefe, Rev. Leo and Candace
  54. Shalhoub, Rev. John and Awatif
  55. Simones, Rev. Charles and Joan
  56. Sitaras, Fr. Costa and Georgia
  57. Smith, Rev. David and Donna
  58. Soteropoulos, Rev. Nick and Mary
  59. Stamas, Rev. Christopher and Penny
  60. Staviski, Rev. Peter and Charlotte
  61. Stefero, Rev. John and Denise
  62. Stylianopoulos, Rev. Theodore and Faye
  63. Thomas, Rev. Simon and Stephanie
  64. Triant, Deacon Daniel and Michelle
  65. Tsamutalis, Presvytera Sevasti
  66. Ursache, Deacon Constantin and Alexandra
  67. Vernikos, Rev. Ioannis and Euphrosyne
  68. Veronis, Rev. Alexander and Pearl
  69. Waynick, Rev. Gregory and Laura
  70. Wilson, Rev. George and Harriet
  71. Zaferes, Rev. Tom and Julie


Metropolis of San Francisco
San Francisco Metropolis Clergy Syndesmos
Sisterhood of Presvyteres, Metropolis of Boston in memory of Evangelia Spiridoulias
Sisterhood of Presvyteres, Metropolis of Boston in memory of William Rihbany
Sisterhood of Presvyteres, Metropolis of Chicago in memory of Fr. George Pappas, Fr. Joseph Mirowski, Fr. Ted Filandrinos, and Fr. Michael Vanderhoef
Jan Clarke

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